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Special Hazard Systems in Nevada & Utah

Businesses dealing with electronics and sensitive data must have a fire-safe system in place to defend against damages. It only takes seconds for a catastrophe to occur, causing you to lose product inventory, personal belongings and even lives. Special hazard fire protection systems can be the difference between a small cleanup and having to relocate to a different building because the appropriate technology was not in place.

Here at Certified Fire, we specialize in the design, assembly and installation of fire hazard systems for your commercial space in the states of Nevada and Utah. Our professionals will drive out to your location to help you prepare for the unexpected.


Fire extinguisher inspections are essential safety procedures designed to ensure that fire extinguishers are in proper working condition and ready for immediate use in case of a fire emergency. These inspections involve a thorough examination of the extinguisher’s physical condition, pressure gauge, safety pin, and nozzle to identify any signs of damage or tampering.

Additionally, inspectors check the inspection tag or sticker to verify that the extinguisher has been regularly serviced and is up to date with maintenance requirements. Regular and meticulous fire extinguisher inspections are crucial to guarantee the safety of occupants in buildings and to comply with fire safety regulations.

Emergency Services

Emergency services fire, often referred to as fire and rescue services, are dedicated organizations responsible for responding to fires, emergencies, and various life-threatening situations within their designated regions. These highly trained and skilled firefighters are equipped to combat fires, perform rescues, and provide medical assistance during crises.

Their duties extend beyond firefighting to include hazardous material incidents, water rescue, and even disaster response. Firefighters play a vital role in safeguarding lives, property, and the environment, and they work tirelessly to educate communities about fire prevention and safety measures. Their commitment and courage are invaluable assets in maintaining public safety.


Installing fire safety measures is a critical aspect of ensuring the protection of lives and property in buildings. This includes the installation of fire alarms, sprinkler systems, smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers, among other fire suppression and detection devices.

Properly installed fire safety systems are designed to detect and respond to fires swiftly, helping to minimize damage and save lives in the event of a fire emergency. Professional installation and regular maintenance of these systems are vital to ensure their effectiveness in preventing and managing fires.


Fire monitoring involves the continuous observation and surveillance of fire-related risks and conditions in various settings. This process typically employs advanced technologies, such as fire alarm systems, heat detectors, smoke detectors, and security cameras, to detect signs of fire or smoke. When these systems detect potential fire hazards, they can trigger alarms, alert monitoring stations, and notify relevant authorities for a swift response.

Fire monitoring is crucial for early detection and rapid response to fires, helping to prevent significant property damage and safeguard lives. It plays a vital role in both residential and commercial fire safety strategies and is often integrated with other fire prevention and suppression measures.

Underground Water Main Repair
and Install For Fire Sprinkler Systems

Underground water main repair involves fixing or replacing pipes that transport water beneath the ground and feed the fire riser. It typically begins with locating the damaged section then the area around the damaged pipe is excavated to access the pipe. Depending on the extent of damage, repairs may involve patching small leaks or replacing sections of the pipe entirely. Once complete, the area is backfilled, compacted, and restored to its original condition.

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